Outdoor P4 Aging Test for Guatemala Customer

Written by:admin Time:2021-03-18

  Thanks again for our Guatemala Customer!From last year 2020 to this year 2021, we cooperated very well, many orders finished.

  This 63.5904sqm outdoor P4 is finished production, and doing aging test now.

  Customer is very satisfied with our quality, this project is for the bank in Guatemala. When we finish the modules production, we did strict aging test for module for 48hours. Any little problem, we never pass it. After 48hours module testing, we will make sure all the moduels without problems. And then, we will start to assemble the modules together with other parts like power supply, receving cards onto the cabinets. Then we will install the cabinets as a whole screens according to the actual size to do test again. For the complete screen, we will do 72hours test. Because during installation, people may crash the modules, or some other things will happen. So this test is to make sure no any problems for the whole screen.

  After 72hours test, and make sure no proble, we will pack them and ready to ship to customers.

  When we send the video to customer, he is always happy with our products as before. 

  Very glad to work with all customers, and we always provide high quality products.


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