Ourdoor Big LED Display with Corner Cabinets

Written by:admin Time:2021-03-22

   Nowadays, all the shopping mall with led display for advertising. It can show to all people vividly for advertising. We got a big outdoor led advertising display project for Serbia shopping mall in Novermber last year.  Till now, customers finished installation.

  Very thanks customer to sent us the picture when finish installation for the P10 led display.  This P10 led screen size is 32.64m L x 6.72m H, total around 220sqm. On the left side, you can find there is a big corner. It is 83 degree. At this area, we use the 83 degree cabinet to fit the building to make the screen looks no gap. This led cornor display makes the building more beautiful.

  In the next days, we will help customer to finish setup and turn on the digital video wall. No matter currently we cannot go out to support, but we 24hours online to support customers. Let's forward the display working.


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