Outdoor P5 90sqm LED Display

Written by:admin Time:2021-03-08

   Now almost all the bulidings have led display for advertising. In the past half month, our JC technical team finsihed a 90sqm led display in An'hui Province.

   We know in February, we’re still on Chinese New Year vacation. But client is super urgent to run the led display on today, Women's Day.

   Then our engineers finished vacation earlier to support clients. Today, the led display is finished installation and setup, everything is running so well. Client is super happy, they speaks highly of team:"your JC team is super professional, you do what clients want and need, thanks for your big support to achieve our schedule and plan. We are pround of you."

     We are also so happy that we can help our clients, and let them satisfied.

     We JC team is always on the road, and our JC led displays will color the all world.

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