LED Display in Night Club

Written by:admin Time:2021-03-08

   Nowadays LED Dispay is more and more popular used in night clubs, bars. LED Display can make the club colorful, and attract peoples to come.

   LED Display can make in different shape, it can show video, pictures and text. In te dark club, the led display can make the club vivid.

   Today, our JC technical team just finsihed 180sqm led display installation in a night club in Foshan. There is video wall, displa on ceilings, backgrounds screen, and many curved displays in the club. The owner of the club said "it’s amazing when turn on all the displays, and your quality is very good, it will help us to attract more cusomets to come, thank you very much".

  We have rich experience in nightclubs projects, we installed many in China and aboard. We will give you the professional solution.


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