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P3 Indoor LED Screen For LED video wall

Item:p3 indoor led video wall

Size: 3m×2m

Date: Jul.22

Location:United Kingdom


1. High Maintenance
SMD packaging can be wiped and cleaned directly; it is diversified in installation and maintenance, support for pre-module maintenance, cabinet support for back frame installation, stacking and other installation methods.

2. High Stability
Using unique technology, it can effectively prevent static electricity, corrosion, and oxidation, and the screen has a long service life. Users no longer need to worry about high temperature and high humidity storage, transportation and operating vironments

3. Wide Color Gamut
Using RGB three-primary color imaging technology, broadcast-grade color gamut, trillions of colors, and surface reflective treatment, good light directivity, reduce surface glare, and color performance is more delicate and rich.

4. Point by Point Correction, the Picture is Clearer
Point by Point Correction, the Picture is Clearer Point-by-point correction technology can effectively improve the chromaticity consistency of the screen, significantly improve the picture quality, and bring the best visual experience. Smart module automatically backs up information to improve display effect.

5. HD seamless display
High-definition seamless display, eliminate visual seams, and enjoy a large and complete display screen.

6. Ultra-wide viewing angle
160°/160° ultra-wide viewing angle, no dead spots and no color cast


• Command Center 
• Meeting Room
• Commercial Advertising
• Stage Backgrounde & Foresting
• Sports Venues
• Traffic Guidance

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