The important indicator of LED lamp quality

Written by:admin Time:2021-04-01

The important indicator of LED lamp quality

  1. Full-color LED display brightness, the brightness of the LED lamp determines the brightness of the full-color LED display. LED lamp brightness is higher, the greater the allowance of using current, which is good to save electricity and maintain stability. LED lamp value has a different point of view, in the case of chip brightness is set, the smaller the Angle, the LED is more bright, but the Angle of display screen is smaller, generally should choose 100-110 degrees of LED lights, to ensure the full color LED display enough perspective.

  2.The failure rate of full-color LED display screen: LED display/LED Billboard/LED Video Wall/LED Digital Sign is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of LED lamps in red, green and blue color. The failure rate of the LED lamps will not be higher than 1/10000 even after aging for 72 hours.

  3. Attenuation features of full-color LED display: with the increase of using time, the brightness of led lamps will gradually decay, LED lamp brightness attenuation speed has a certain correlation with LED chips, auxiliary materials, and packaging process. In general, 1000 hours, 20 milliampere room temperature light after test, the red LED lamp attenuation should be less than 7%, blue, green LED lamp attenuation should be less than 10%. The consistency of red, green and blue attenuation has a great influence on the future white balance of the full-color LED display, which in turn affects the display fidelity.

  4.LED display anti-static ability.  Because the LED lamp is a semiconductor device, sensitive to static electricity, easy to cause static failure, so the anti-static ability is very important to the life of LED display. In general, the failure voltage of human static mode test of LED lamp should not be less than 2000V.

  The chromaticity uniformity of LED display screen has always been a big problem perplexing the industry. It is generally believed that the uneven brightness of LED can be improved by single point correction, while the uneven chromaticity can not be corrected, but can only be improved by subdividing and screening the LED color coordinates.

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